Nobody loves the Annual Review process – it’s a chore for supervisors and a hassle for employees. Here are 5 steps to an annual review process that actually works!

  1. Goal Setting – Set goals for improvement, whether it’s performance, continuing education or other metrics.
  2. Feedback – Let the supervisor be candid about performance feedback with the employee.
  3. Management Training – Help supervisors understand the importance of the Annual Review process, and get them training on how to be effective communicators with their team both. Some supervisors are cautious about giving possible negative feedback to employees – help them understand that negative feedback can be a learning opportunity for both the employee and the supervisor. Remember to sandwich negative feedback between points of positive feedback for the best reception by the employee.
  4. Individual Assessment – Invite employees to self-evaluate their own performance over the last year with a pre-review questionnaire. Self-reflection is key for employees to understand their own performance, goal achievement, and impact on the entire team.
  5. Holistic Review Process – Having a “written in stone” Annual Review Process can help everyone – management, supervisors and employees – understand with increased transparency and trust that the review process is a great way to keep both individuals and the organization fresh and growing towards established goals.

FundView’s Human Resources module has built-in review processes to help keep track of your “written in stone” Annual Review Process. Call or email for a demo today! (806) 543-7379

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