Distributed Workflow

Budget Validation

Automated Notifications

FYE Rollover

FundView Purchasing helps manage your organization’s purchasing processes with true encumbrance accounting automated entries. Includes user-defined workflows, amount/account restrictions by user, budget validation, email/text notifications for approvals and Accounts Payable integration. Includes requisition approval, single-entry invoice receipting, budget validation and reporting.

FundView Purchasing is a web-based solution that will enable your organization to better manage your purchasing process. User defined workflows, document/image attachment, streamlined interface to payable management with approval levels and comprehensive reporting.

  • Simplified requisition entry with approval levels and workflow
  • Interface to consolidated cash for simplified payment processing and cash management
  • Shares same vendor master file with Accounts Payable
  • Attach images of quotes, shipping documents and bid specifications
  • Comprehensive reporting with options to analyze by vendor, period, department, etc.

What Our Customers Are Saying

The FundView software applications are the perfect solution for our young municipality. FundView is providing our town with the technology to help manage our increasing activities while reducing our overall costs. The staff at FundView has been very responsive, professional and have provided a high level of customer service, including successfully adding requested functionality to the software. We look forward to a long and productive working relationship with FundView in the future.

Connie Hansen,Town Secretary for the Town of Providence Village

FundView has been a great asset in many ways to the City of Mason. Fund View has made preparing for the annual audit so much easier by allowing the auditors direct access to the information needed. This saves time and paper as well as the time the auditors have to spend in our office since most of the work is done in advance.

Most of all, Customer Support is amazing. I have always had prompt and helpful response which is very appreciated. Speaking from experience, not all customer support with other companies is that way.

~ Donna Langehennig – Finance Officer – City of Mason



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